Mentor Overview

All of our mentors must have a college degree (two- or four-year) and the willingness to give back and make an impact by providing mentoring support to one of our scholarship recipients.


What’s next?

  •                Fill out our online application
  •                Complete a thirty-minute phone interview
  •                Attend a ninety-minute orientation
  •                Pass a third-party background check  facilitated and ordered by College Now              
  •                Interact with your mentee over Chronus, an online platform, two times per month
  •                Connect with your mentee at least three times per year, which can be done at our College Now-hosted events in and around downtown Cleveland, or virtually.

Once you complete the Membership Request Form, Nicki Price,  Mentoring Program Manager , will follow up to schedule your phone interview and Mentor Orientation.
Please don't hesitate to reach out to either Nicki or Sarah Griffin, Mentoring Program Manager, for more information at 216-635-0268